Dear Garfield

It has been a real pleasure to work with you and I wish you every success in your new venture. I'd like to thank you not only for your personal support, but the advice and support you have provided to Wikimedia UK both during the two years I have been involved, and for several years before that.

All the very best

Chair, Wikimedia UK

Garfield Byrd wrote:

For the last four years, I’ve led the Wikimedia Foundation’s finance,
administration, and office IT teams. I've had the opportunity to work
closely with many of you through collaboration with the Wikimedia
affiliates. They have been remarkable experiences, and I am grateful for
all I’ve learned from you during my time here. Therefore it is with some
sadness that today I am letting you know that I’ve decided to take a new
opportunity outside the WMF, at a California-based foundation focused on
public education.

It has been a privilege to work with so many exceptional people over the
years. I’ve watched the WMF mature and take on many new challenges, and our
community grow and diversify. Our commitment to our free knowledge mission
is as strong as ever, and now shared by even more people. While I’ll no
longer be on staff, I plan to find ways to stay involved in the Wikimedia
community. I look forward to seeing the movement continue to do its
important work.

My last day will be September 30. I look forward to staying in touch and
continuing to support our mission.



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