For the last few years I am thinking about this issue, and as I didn't see
anybody talking about that, I think we should start a kind of low level
discussion, as it doesn't require immediate action.

From what I read, Bay Area is not particularly endangered (although it
could be in the future). Even so, I am sure all WMF employees have enough
money to buy bottled water. I know, of course, they are not in the same
position as Google or Facebook employees, but I think the whole story is
not about water safety of our headquarters.

It's about responsibility. WMF shouldn't spend resources unreasonably if it
doesn't have to. And it's not just about possible "fund for water", which
could become a standard for every Bay Area employer, but also about the
environmental harm of the attitude of keeping yourself in hostile place if
not necessary.

United States don't have the same climate everywhere. There are many places
not that endangered because of the climate change. And I am sure you could
find a good place for the office somewhere else. (OK, Florida is the second
worst option because of floods, but there are many better places.)

I know it doesn't sound solidary. We have a number of friends in Bay Area,
not working for WMF and not willing to move. However, WMF's responsibility
is far beyond local patriotism.

Keep in mind that it's better to move in a year or two and be able to
choose the place, than to do it in five years, when Google decides to move
it's own headquarters.

And we should start talking about this. We need to analyze the risks and
then WMF should make the best possible decision at the best possible time.
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