The reading team has been having a series of meetings as part of the
ongoing strategy process,.  We documented and clarified as much details as
possible, here
<>, in
order to empower everyone to become part of the process, while following
the same methodology.

For example, instead of saying "*The overall page views numbers are
declining and thats a problem that we need to solve*"  by applying our
process, the suggested statement is questioned to whether this is a problem
in itself or it is a result of another problem?  If we picked one possible
reason, what are our choices to solve the problem, and what possibilities
does each choice entail? What are the concerns with each possibility and
what are the tests that we need to run to justify our concerns?

Sounds complicated? :-)
Not really.  The key is to ask the right questions and always remain
focused on the initial problem.

In our own exercise, we identified one problem that manifests itself across
different indicators is our core system's lack of optimization for emerging
platforms, experiences, and communities.

The team can not do this alone.  We need more people to join our exercise,
please check the documentation
<>,  make
yourself familiar with the process, and think of suggesting choices
generating possibilities
and designing tests
Questions and comments are welcome on the talk page.

Lets get this done, together!

Happy weekend,
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