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> Hey Fae,
> As you know that I'm responsible for the spreadsheet that your bot is copying 
> to make that spreadsheet (since you're one of the ones who asked me to make 
> the process more transparent) I would have really appreciated a more private 
> email before this public one. That said, yes there have both been some 
> changes on the private versions of the sheet that caused the public version 
> to break as well as very few actual rights changes which means I haven't been 
> looking at it often. Because of a back log of issues within my Trust and 
> Safety work I haven't been able to fully find the time to fix and update 
> everything but I actually have time set aside on my calendar on Monday to do 
> that :).
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Thanks for your commitment to get this up to date.

Had my question been about the performance of a named employee, I
would have sent a private email out of courtesy. This was a simple
non-critical question about WMF transparency, following on from an
original open discussion a long time ago on this list. This makes this
list the best open place to raise the question.

I feel that it is ethical to all encourage volunteers to feel free to
ask questions about WMF transparency in the open. It would be a
positive and ethical approach to take. Making it appear that a
volunteer has done something wrong when they try to do so is not a
healthy direction to go in.


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