Thanks for the heads-up, Chung-ming.  If this is true, then this is absolutely 
incredulous on the part of the Foundation.

After the Wikimania 2016 bidding process, the Manila team was asked by Ellie to 
consider submitting a bid for Wikimania 2017.  We are currently in the early 
stages of preparing that bid, which we hope to submit for approval by the WMPH 
Board and to the Wikimania bid committee before the stated November 15th 
deadline on Meta, and it is a bid that we look forward to submitting for the 
consideration of the community and everyone involved in the Wikimania bidding 

That said, if everything in these three Google Docs documents is true, then I 
am at a loss for words as to how to express my utter disappointment at how this 
process seems to have been rammed through without any sort of consultation 
taking place whatsoever, despite assurances made to the contrary.  While I have 
a lot of faith in the execution of a Montréal bid, why now when preparations 
were being made for a bidding process?  Why couldn’t this wait until 2018 so 
that we have more to build on when that bidding cycle comes online next year?

At the same time, as someone who has vocally advocated for making Wikimania 
more accessible to Wikimedians from the developing world, I am at a loss at how 
the documents in question could possibly even justify the need to predominantly 
hold Wikimania in the U.S. and/or Europe, especially given all the issues that 
we’ve had with the scholarship process over the last few years, and even more 
so given all the Wikimedians who wouldn’t be able to have a chance to go to 
Wikimania unless it were brought to a place closer and/or more accessible to 
them, especially visa-wise.  Economizing I understand, but at the expense of 
making Wikimania more accessible to the developing world?

All in all I’m at a loss, and while I look forward to hearing the response of 
everyone involved in that process, my faith in the entire Wikimania process at 
this point is visibly shaken.

Best regards,

(on behalf of the Wikimania Manila 2016 bid team)

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> Hello everyone,
> I've just noted this (
> <>)
> and the attached drafts <
> <>>,
> <
> <>>.
> I wonder if they are useful, though I keep in mind that they are just
> drafts. If so, will Montreal experience a walkover?
> Also found is a meeting minutes of a recent meetup of the Perth community <
> <>>, it seems that
> they'll move forward, though their bid page is hollow at the moment.
> Oceania is also a region that Wikimania has never come before.
> Chung-ming
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