> On 15-10-05 05:26 AM, Gnangarra wrote:
>> I think we are stuck with Montreal and to change now isnt going address the
>> problems this decision has created

I think that this is a very unhappy wording; there is nothing wrong
with the bid or the city by itself. As much as I find the wasted
effort scandalous, it is not the fault of our friends from Montreal.

About the process of the past weeks since Wikimania in Mexico I cannot
say much, I have not been involved, and I don't want to judge about
something I don't know much about.

What I know about is that "the community" does not exist as an organ.
How to make decisions "by the community"? Hold a referendum for every
little question that arises in an organizing committee? Even in the
WCA Council we saw how months were wasted for clear decisions that in
other contexts had been made in a couple of days.

Kind regards

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