Absolutely right.
And the sentence "The revolution will not be community-approved." is the most stupid thing I ever read. When "the government" make significant changes, it has nothing in common with "a revolution". A revolution starts and is led by "the ordinary people" and is illegal per definition. So, if the WMF wants to rule the world without community approving, it's just the opposite of "a revolution"! I rather would call it "Coup d'état"./

Am 04.10.2015 um 23:37 schrieb MF-Warburg:
What a nonsense. With that justification, any random troll who dislikes the
Wikimania location selection process (or anything else) can show up and
"volunteer the revolution" which must then be implemented (because they
said so!!).
Am 04.10.2015 22:31 schrieb "Pavel Richter" <m...@pavelrichter.de>:

2015-10-04 21:55 GMT+02:00 Theo10011 <de10...@gmail.com>:

Those are some pretty broad leaps Pavel. They were never tasked to take
that decision. They came to a conclusion that the process is broken, they
thought to do away with the process, they picked a winner, and set about
corresponding with them, without telling anyone. Then, developed an
roadmap of where they want to see Wikimania next for the near foreseeable
future. All of this was never tasked to them in the first place.

This committee isn't "community approved", their mandate isn't community
approved. Its members weren't elected, in fact, I don't know why and how
these people got on this committee, or how long they will be in-charge -
because someone certainly seems to think they are in-charge. Maybe I
a call or notification asking to join or approve or comment as to who
should be on this committee.


​Theo, you argue process, I argue outcome.
They faced a problem, they tackled it, they made a decission. And their
mandate? They *showed up and volunteered*. That is enough mandate in my

The revolution will not be community-approved.


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