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> Wiadomość napisana przez Marc A. Pelletier <m...@uberbox.org> w dniu 
> 05.10.2015, o godz. 23:03:
> I know that the steering committee contacted our team (tentatively, very
> early in the year) in part because they were aware that we were already
> fully set to host Wikimania in 2017 with the groundwork for our hosting
> having started in 2010, and most of our preparations still usable (and,
> I expect, an opportunity to hold the first Wikimania in a Francophone
> location played a part).  It's clear to me the steering committee
> dropped a ball in not noticing that both of your teams had started
> working on bids in time to communicate with you.
> That said, this kind of wasted effort is - from what I understand - the
> very reason why the process needed changing.  Even if three teams bid
> for 2017, two of them would necessarily have wasted the tremendous work
> that goes into preparing a bid - including the credibility cost of long
> talks with venue and sponsors that turn out to a miss and the morale hit
> of loosing in a bidding process.  I suppose I'm a bit "glad" that the
> leak occured before our team was ready to make the official announcement
> because - if nothing else - this will prevent that waste to have been
> even worse.

Wow, the more I’m disappointed at this ball being "dropped".  Heck, I can’t 
possibly describe the exasperation I feel at this new revelation coming from 
you as to when the Steering Committee reached out to you guys.

The Manila team was asked to consider planning for a Wikimania 2017 bid as 
early as January this year—less than a month after the announcement was made 
that Esino Lario won the bid for Wikimania 2016.  To hear that they reached out 
to you before anyone else knew—heck, to find out that this happened behind our 
backs even, speaks of the duplicitousness the Committee has acted with when it 
came to making a decision as critical as this.

I’m not mad at you guys, and I’d like to think that Montréal can pull it off.  
But I am definitely mad at the Committee not just for dropping the ball, but 
for having us here in Manila run under the impression that everything will be 
the same as last year, only to have the wool pulled over our eyes with this 


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