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> the wording is unhappy because I'm unhappy with the process and
> there is nothing public about Montreal even being on the radar for
> Wikimania

I can understand your frustration, and to a degree share it.

Perhaps its time to take a sideways step, and not let Wikimania be
such a big thing? As I type, WikiConUSA is running, and earlier this
year I was honoured to be invited to speak at WikiArabia's first such

The OSM community also has both an international event (State of the
Map; not held this year) and regional equivalents (State of the Map
US; State of the Map Scotland, etc)

Perhaps the future for the Wikimedia movement is national or
continent- focussed events, with more occasional Wikimanias? Flying
speakers in, if need be, but addressing a more local audience, many of
whom would not get to attend Wikimania?

Why not organise WikiOz, or WikiOceana?

Andy Mabbett

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