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the Wikimedia Foundation's quarterly reviews of teams' work in the
past quarter (July-September, Q1 of the 2015-16 fiscal year) took
place last week. Minutes and slides for those meetings are now

Community Engagement:,_October_2015


Reading and Advancement (with Fundraising Tech):,_October_2015

Editing (comprising the Collaboration, Language Engineering,
Multimedia, Parsing, and VisualEditor teams):,_October_2015

Infrastructure (comprising the Analytics, Release Engineering,
Services, TechOps, and Labs teams) and CTO (comprising the Design
Research, Research & Data, Performance, and Security teams):,_October_2015

Legal, Talent & Culture (HR), Communications, Finance & Administration
& Office IT, and Team Practices:,_HR,_Finance,_Communications,_TPG,_October_2015

As usual, much of this information will also be available in
consolidated form as part of the general WMF quarterly report for Q1,
which is planned to be published on October 19.

for some general background about the Foundation's quarterly review

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