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> Ow yes, I remember a affiliate specific issue that was not handled
> appropriate by some users from outside any affiliate.
> And also this discussion here doesn't give a comfortable feeling (in my
> opinion) to affiliates to do (always) a public discussion. If I as
> affiliate member, want to have feedback from my colleagues, I am not
> waiting for a hostile environment.

Snipping this separately.

There are almost 90 affiliates (including chapters and thematic
organizations), and this number is growing rapidly.  If each one can have
two or three members of this mailing list, we're talking hundreds of
subscribers. A list with that many subscribers is never going to really
remain private and confidential.  Anyone who is discussing anything
'sensitive' on a list with that many subscribers is, frankly, doing it in
the wrong place.  The existing chapters-l and internal-l mailing lists used
to leak like sieves when they were in heavy use (and in addition the
information that was leaked was often distorted and incomplete).

The mailing list can be configured so that only recognized subscribers can
post but anyone can view. This has several advantages:  reduced mailing
list management time/costs, ability of other chapter execs/members to keep
up with discussions when the subscriber members are unavailable, ability of
potential user groups and other affiliates to learn from osmosis, not only
from current discussions but from archives. Learning patterns can be pulled
out of the archives once the list has been around for a while.   Public
lists also tend to moderate the behaviour of those who may push things in
inappropriate directions (sexist or harassing comments, bullying, etc).

I don't have a pony in this race, but I do have a ton of experience with
nonpublic Wikimedia movement related mailing lists - and most of the ones
that "work" effectively and are good methods for sharing information are
ones with very specific and narrow functions that deal with information
that is covered under the access to nonpublic information policy.
Regardless of whether the decision is a public or a private list, ensure
that there are hard rules about who can and cannot subscribe, what actions
will be considered unacceptable, and what will be done if any subscriber
behaves inappropriately (e.g., does the person get unsubscribed, is there
an appeal mechanism, what's the complaints mechanism, do affiliates who
have a member "unsubscribed" get to replace that person with someone else,

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