Exactly, the problem is the manageability.

At the moment chapters list is more or less manageable because it needs few subscribers per chapter.

The chapters mailing list must be kept "private" because it's not good to give publicly comments on the candidates.

The need of privacy is crucial.

Migrating the chapters mailing list to an affiliates mailing list has no sense, but there is a real need to have a place of discussion for affiliates.

Considering the high number of affiliates I agree that it would be difficult to assure a privacy.

If you remember well, this has been also the killing reason for internal mailing list when private discussions were public immediately after the first post.

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On 21.10.2015 05:04, Risker wrote:
Snipping this separately.

There are almost 90 affiliates (including chapters and thematic
organizations), and this number is growing rapidly.  If each one can have
two or three members of this mailing list, we're talking hundreds of
subscribers. A list with that many subscribers is never going to really
remain private and confidential.  Anyone who is discussing anything
'sensitive' on a list with that many subscribers is, frankly, doing it in
the wrong place.  The existing chapters-l and internal-l mailing lists used
to leak like sieves when they were in heavy use (and in addition the
information that was leaked was often distorted and incomplete).

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