Chris writes:
> My preferred option would be to either ditch the Chapters mailing list or
> make it announce-only, scrap Internal-l entirely, and have an
> list that is open.

There is room for a private list that's only for confidential topics; but
the right list for that may already exist.  As Risker says, you'd want to
limit membership if you expect any confidentiality at all, and focus use of
it on that theme.

Risker writes:

<snip other useful comments>

> The mailing list can be configured so that only recognized subscribers can
> post but anyone can view. This has several advantages...

> most of the ones
> that "work" effectively and are good methods for sharing information are
> ones with very specific and narrow functions that deal with information
> that is covered under the access to nonpublic information policy.

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