Hi all,

As you of course know, stroopwafels are official wikifood. See:

As Dutch we are aware of the shortage of this original typical wikifood in
other parts of the world, so we travel around the world with many packages
each year at Wikimania and elsewhere. However, it is always more tasty to
eat fresh stroopwafels, so the Dutch inspire a lot of people around the
world to sell them.

Of course everyone has a high need as Wikipedian/Wikimedian, but as the
headquarters of the Wikimedia movement is in San Francisco, the supply is
there the most urgent.

Today I learned that Wikimedia people in San Francisco do not have to bit
on their teeth or tongue, but can now buy fresh stroopwafels!
See: http://www.stroopiegourmet.com/

Finally San Francisco is saved from an anarchy because of a huge shortage
of stroopwafels.

I hope that the San Francisco people enjoy the official Wikipedia/Wikimedia
wikifood as part of their daily (!) local cuisine!

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