"success of WLE Brasil 2015"

Success for whom?

*For the Wikimedia Commons **it was totally **innocuous. *

Less then 0,16% was a good quality image, including several snapshots
(mobile made), downsized images....; the retention probably will follow WLE
BR 2014 and goona be very close to 0. No work was developed in conjunction
with the WCommons, and could created a problem, people got paid with
thousands for bad photos, and volunteers there producing real content...
And this money, more then 30'000 USD, come from WMF for the WLE 2014/15 and
WLM in Brazil, and in the other hand, WP-en removed hundreds of people
getting paid for contribution, how it's different? Oh yeah, the money did
not came from donations...

*For the Wikipedia it was barely nothing.*

The volume of images used was very low, and even in the list of winners, a
lot of those images do not have any education purpose, or do not properly
illustrates the site. And very low involvement of the community, retention
was none.

For the "off-line community" , :D...

Were are this people? The other coordinator named in the website [1], are
not even close to be involved with the community, check his FB:[2], very
active, none WLE/WLM publications... Commons: [3], any help with this
contests. People listed in the WUG group did not signed by themselves[4]...

And " including contributions from teachers and students..."???  "educational
program."??? I think that "they" are hidden it in a very deep place, not
even "their" website have any clues fof that[5], or "their" Facebook [6],
Meta [7]... "Their" partners are not related to educational programmes [8],
most of them are related to photography, for obvious reasons. as far we can
see, "they" are just burn WMF money to make this contests (for ???)...

*Two observation:*

 .ORG.BR are websites restricted to ONG registered in legal terms here in
Brazil, or they already have a legal association and are not telling to
AffCom, or they don't have that and is putting the Wikimedia name in
some scheme
circumventing laws...

*The scope of the group, which can be found on their application, is "to
support the participation of teachers, researchers and employees of several
national institutions that participate in the Education Program of
Wikimedia in Brazil, aiming to integrate the academic community to the
Wikimedia movement, creating a more friendly and responsive environment for
the development of projects, research, contests, events and other
activities." *[9]

How this contests are related to this scope?


Success for whom?



On 30 October 2015 at 20:42, Rodrigo Padula <rodrigopad...@wikimedia.org.br>

> Hello my friends,
> After many years of Wiki Loves Monuments around the world, finally we
> organized an edition of that important photo contest  in Brasil.
> Following the success of WLE Brasil 2015(supported by our fellows from
> Wikimedia Ukraine)  and counting with a lot of support from Romaine we
> finally completed that task after years of procrastination.
> The WLM Brasil 2015 was organized by the Wikimedia Community Brazilian
> Group of Education and Research, including contributions from teachers and
> students in a new approach for our educational program.
> Teachers and students from local universities supported us with
> marketing/communication and in the final process of pictures filtering for
> the judges evaluation.
> You can see the final result of WLM Brasil and the winners at
> http://www.wikimedia.org.br/wiki-loves-monuments-brasil-2015-vencedores.html
> Pictures uploaded: 4.443
> Uploaders: 411
> New users registered on Commons:  325
> New users engagement: 79%
> Pictures user on Wikipedia: 86 (2%)
> Best regards
> Rodrigo Padula
> Coordenador de Projetos
> Grupo Wikimedia Brasileiro de Educação e Pesquisa
> http://www.wikimedia.org.br
> 21 99326-0558
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