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Hang on. Could I have an independent reality check; is that really $7
per photograph?

30.000 is exact, but they are 30.000 Real which means 11.000 USD.
Cool. So about $2.50 per image.

This looks expensive compared to my upload projects (the last 500,000
images have cost $0.00 in total) but perhaps the benchmark is better when
measures against other WLM projects.

Anyone have the numbers to show comparative value?


Using a bot to collect images in internet probably would have been lesser than 0$ per image.

Anyway the real calculation of an impact of a project is not so simple.

Because if we would use the same parameters, people reading this thread have spent more than 5 minutes, and calculating the sum of people reading this thread we can calculate a big time waste.

We can say that this thread is really time-expensive without producing a real impact. But we know that this mailing list is done to help the communication and not to calculate the time waste, so a thread like this is accepted.

I have put the links, it's sufficient to read the measures of the success to know that the aim of the project is not to produce only images.

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