Again, and again.

"Success for whom"?

The section "measure of success" reports:

at least 400 participants uploading one photograph or more;
at least 5,000 photos uploaded;
at least 15% of photos used on Wikipedia;
at least 50% of new users engagement during the contest;
at least 10 new articles about natural heritage sites in Brasil;
at least 10% of new user retention after 2 months of the contest.

Rodrigo reports:

Pictures uploaded: 4.443
Uploaders: 411
New users registered on Commons:  325
New users engagement: 79%
Pictures user on Wikipedia: 86 (2%)

Are the goals reached? Basically yes. When the project has been financed it was clear that the definition "success" was based on those measures.

There is no success for a specific person on an individual and personal criteria.

The user group of Brazil has not asked nothing special, this is a normal budget for any WLM or WLE in several countries.

On 31.10.2015 18:20, Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton wrote:
quality of work.

Again "Success for whom?"

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