I’m writing to let you know that Terry Gilbey will be leaving the WMF. As
Interim Chief Operating Officer this year, he helped us improve operational
processes across the organization during an important time. I thank him for
completing this service.

During this time WMF teams became stronger, with more freedom to make right
decisions in support of our communities. The Team Practices Group will
continue to carry forward maintaining and helping improve the
organizational processes we put into place.

With improved processes in place, I see the need to focus our attention on
WMF culture. With this change, we will take the first step: Boryana will
join the C-Level team, representing HR and employee voice at the top level
of organizational leadership.

Our search for a new Chief Financial Officer is well on its way. Until we
have a new CFO on board, the Finance team will report to me. The Office IT,
Administration, and the Team Practices teams will report to Boryana. The
Technology team that was co-managed by Terry and Wes will continue to be
managed by Wes until we fill the leadership role internally or externally.

 ~~~~ Lila
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