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> Il giorno gio, 05/11/2015 alle 18.35 +0100, Quim Gil ha scritto:
> > Superprotect [1] was introduced by the Wikimedia Foundation to resolve
> > a
> > product development disagreement. We have not used it for resolving a
> > dispute since. Consequently, today we are removing Superprotect from
> > Wikimedia servers.
> This is great news!
> Just to understand, is it still present in MediaWiki but not active on
> Wikimedia sites or it not in the MediaWiki code anymore?

There is no code specific to "superprotect"; it's the exact same MediaWiki
permissions/protection system that lets users in the 'sysop' group override
the ability of anonymous or regular users to edit particular pages.
Technically nothing has changed -- particular protection levels can be
added and removed via configuration at any time if they are needed.

In other words -- ignore the superprotect red herring! Please look at the
documentation of the product process and give feedback on that, it's much,
MUCH more important:


-- brion
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