Good riddance to a bad mistake.  Hopefully the underlying causes of the
MediaViewer conflict can be addressed before any other incidents of this
nature occur.

On 06/11/2015 3:36 AM, "Quim Gil" <> wrote:

> Superprotect [1] was introduced by the Wikimedia Foundation to resolve a
> product development disagreement. We have not used it for resolving a
> dispute since. Consequently, today we are removing Superprotect from
> Wikimedia servers.
> Without Superprotect, a symbolic point of tension is resolved. However, we
> still have the underlying problem of disagreement and consequent delays at
> the product deployment phase. We need to become better software partners,
> work together towards better products, and ship better features faster. The
> collaboration between the WMF and the communities depends on mutual trust
> and constructive criticism. We need to improve Wikimedia mechanisms to
> build consensus, include more voices, and resolve disputes.
> There is a first draft of an updated Product Development Process [2] that
> will guide the work of the WMF Engineering and Product teams.[3] It
> stresses the need for community feedback throughout the process, but
> particularly in the early phases of development. More feedback earlier on
> will allow us to incorporate community-driven improvements and address
> potential controversy while plans and software are most flexible.
> We welcome the feedback of technical and non-technical contributors. Check
> the Q&A for details.[4]
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> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
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