Dear movement fellows,

Wikimedia France held its Annual General Meeting on October 24th, 2015.
During this AGM, we elected 4 board members, of which 1 is new.

Alexis Marise Bique, Ludovic Péron, Benoît Evellin and Léa Lacroix were not
running for a new term.  Wikimedia France board is grateful for their

Emeric Vallespi, Guillaume Goursat were running again and were
reelected. Florian
Pépellin who was appointed in May and was this time candidate for a full
term. As a reminder:

* Émeric Vallespi is 28, a banker living in Montpellier. He served on the
board for three years. He is especially interested in governance issues,
internal control and strategy topics.
* Guillaume Goursat is 30, and is based in Dakar (Senegal) where he works
as an economist in water and sanitation. He served as a treasurer since May
2012 and is interested in internal control and projects in Africa − he
organized Wiki Loves Monuments in Cameroon back in 2013.
* Florian Pépellin is 26, living in Chambéry. An editor since 2005 and
chapter member since 2011, his regular attendance over the years to
Wikimedian meetups all over France has earned him the nickname of « Floflo
of all cabals ». He has just finished his studies in accounting and
research in economy/management. His professional background and his
interest for strategy work prompted us to appoint him to the board 6 months
ago, and he is now elected for a full term.

Now, we would like to welcome a new board member:

* Édouard Hue, 32, is a software architect living in Rennes. He has been an
editor for six years and joined Wikimedia France after meeting chapter
members at Wikipedia's ten years celebrations. He helped his local cabal
grow with the estabilshment of their first partnership with the local
university. After participating in two editions of Wiki Loves Monuments, he
was a juror in two more editions and eventually set up the first edition of
Wiki Loves Earth in France this year with his fellow chapter members. He
also built a Wikimedia Commons software client that Wikimedia France is
looking upon to enable its GLAM partners to upload their content by
themselves. Being more and more involved in Wikimedia France's internal
affairs, Édouard decided to apply as a board member with a focus on local
development and members empowerment.

Our board is now structured as follow:
* Christophe Henner, Chair
* Émeric Vallespi, Vice chair
* Guillaume Goursat, Treasurer
* Sébastien Beyou, Deputy treasurer
* Pierre-Selim Huard, Secretary
* Jean-Frédéric Berthelot, Deputy secretary
* Édouard Hue,
* Samuel Le Goff,
* Florian Pépellin
* Benoît Prieur,

Please welcome the newcomer and do not hesitate to join us in expressing
your gratitude to our former board members!


Pierre-Selim Huard
Wikimédia France, Association pour le libre partage de la connaissance
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