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> it wasn't removed because it shouldn't have been imposed in
> the first place, but merely because it wasn't used.

I'm sorry if my wording could suggest this interpretation. I just wanted to
provide basic information about Superprotect to the many people that have
heard about it but in fact didn't know much about its use today. This is
also why the Q&A included more details:


The main reason to act upon Superprotect now is the updated product
development process
<https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/WMF_product_development_process> in the
drafts, which we want to discuss and agree with the communities. This new
process should make Superprotect unnecessary; removing it upfront was a
logical step.

I have added these points in the Q&A:

Why is Superprotect being removed?

Why is the WMF doing this now?

I hope this clarifies that sentence.

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