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== 1000 Marathi books by Marathi-language non-profit to come online on
Marathi Wikisource with Open Access ==

As the Maharashtra Granthottejak Sanstha (MGS), a non-profit
organization working for the preservation of the "Peshwa" culture in
Maharashtra, and based in Pune, India, celebrated its 121st anniversary
recently, the organization relicensed 1000 books for Marathi Wikisource
under CC-by-SA 4.0 license so that the books could be digitized and be
made available for millions of Marathi readers. Avinash Chaphekar from
the organization signed a document permitting Wikimedians to digitize
the books on the Wikisource. On this special occasion of the
anniversary, a three-day book exhibition was organized starting October 30.

Answering our question "Could you please share with us your ideas of
opening these invaluable books for Wikisource? How they are going to be
useful for the online readers to learn about the Peshwas?", Mr Chaphekar

“These books are of historical importance and cover topics that are
rarely covered well anywhere else. This information should reach to more
people. Right after our Prime Minister Narendra Modi recommended to read
the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin as it contains a lot of messages
for a common man, a lady walked to us once and asked if she can read
this Marathi. Such books that were published by the Sanstha should not
be kept closed as a lot many readers are searching for such books. We
might not have a very great presence in the media or the Internet. How
does any reader who does not know us buy a book? If these books are
available online they could at least find and read them”.

    == Event organized/participated ==

(CIS-A2K events page:

⬤ Konkani-language books from Konkani-language culture center Mannd
Sobhaann to enrich Konkani Wikipedia:
Mannd Sobhaann (, a private organization
working for unification of Konkani people around the world, preservation
and promotion of Konkani language and culture, has recently relicensed 3
of their published books under a CC-by-SA 4.0
( license. Erik Ozario,
founder of the organization has kindly permitted to open these books
under free license so they get digitized on Konkani Wikisource
( and contribute in
enriching the Goan Konkani Wikipedia ( Thanks to
our friend Harriet Vidyasagar
( for helping in acquiring
these books.

⬤ Odia Wikisource 1st anniversary celebration: (
Odia Wikimedia community celebrated Odia Wikisource's first anniversary
at the Institute on Management of Agricultural Extension (IMAGE),
Siripur, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Jeeban Panda and Puspashree Pattnaik from
Bhubaneswar based non-profit Srujanika presented the organization's
journey in digitizing over 150K folios of many Odia-language books. They
also announced relicensing Srujanika’s entire publication (over 700
books) under a free license and digitizing them Wikisource. These books
include various science publications by the organization over last two
decades. In a panel discussion about the "need for digital platforms for
Odia books", participated noted linguist Debi Prasanna Pattnaik,
Professor Jatin Nayak, Sudhir Pattnaik, Editor, Samadrusti and Anil
Pradhan, Editor, Sikhya Sandhan. The community also had a day long
discussion about setting priorities and goals for the project in the
coordination of the project's administrator Mrutyunjaya Kar
( There was a survey made
where Wikimedians reflected their views on various activities.

⬤ Wikipedia Workshop at Sinhgad Institute of Technology and Sciences:
This workshop was aimed at introducing Wikipedia to the engineering
undergraduate students use the Marathi Wikipedia to disseminate what
they are learning in Marathi-language. About 11 students took part and
learned input in Marathi and Wikipedia in various topics of their interest.

== Upcoming events: Train-a-Wikipedian ==

CIS-A2K is going to start a new project Train-a-Wikipedian (TAW, In February
and June this year, CIS-A2K conducted Train the Trainer (TTT, and
MediaWiki Train the Trainer (MWTTT, After conducting these two
events, and communicating with the participants the need to start a
training program on regular basis was felt and designing the
"Train-a-Wikipedian" program was initiated. Initially, the focus would
be on five Focus Language Areas (FLAs); a) Kannada, b) Konkani, c)
Marathi, d) Odia, and e) Telugu, and the program might be scaled up
slowly based on its first pilot implementation. The TAW page on
Meta-wiki (, a number of topics are
listed that are going to be discussed. As not everything could be
imparted to every single participant, almost all the training sessions
are going to be custom-made where the learners will be independently
selecting topics of their own interest. Suggestions and inputs on this
program are welcome!

    == Blog posts ==

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catalog project helps Wikipedia
11 October 2015;

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    == Media coverage ==

1. How to do Guerilla GLAM
University of Otago, 6 October 2015;

2. ଓଡ଼ିଆ ଉଇକିପାଠାଗାରର ଆବଶ୍ୟକତା ସମାଜ
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3. Odia Wikisource to Celebrate Its First Anniversary in Bhubaneswar
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4. Odia Wikisource celebrates 1st anniversary this 25th October
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Times, 24 October 2015;

6. Odia Wikisource to Celebrate Its 1st Birth Anniversary Today At
IMAGE, Bhubaneswar
(, 25 October 2015;

7. ଭୁବନେଶ୍ୱରରେ ଓଡ଼ିଆ ଉଇକିପାଠାଗାରର ପ୍ରଥମ ଜନ୍ମତିଥି ପାଳନ ( 
Pua, 25 October 2015;

8. Odia Wikisource to celebrate its first anniversary tomorrow!
Odisha Sun Times, 25 October 2015;

9. Odia language classics could now be read from phones, tablets and of
course from computers!,
( Orissa Diary, 25
October 2015;

10. Odia Wikisource to Hold 1st Anniversary
 The pioneer, 26 October 2015;

11. Otago Southland are the Coolest
(, Library
and Information Association of New Zealand, 26 October 2015;

12. Open Access Week round up (,
University of Otago, 27 October 2015;

13. मराठी पुस्तके 'विकिस्रोत'ला, सकाळ, Sakaal, 28 October 2015;

14. महाराष्ट्र ग्रंथोत्तेजक संस्थेमधील एक हजार ग्रंथ ऑनलाइन, सामना Saamna, 28
October 2015;

15. India & France to digitise manuscripts, artworks & archives
Medianama, 29 October 2015;

16. एक हजार ग्रंथ ऑनलाइन, महाराष्ट्र टाईम्स, Maharashtra Times, 30 October 2015;

    == Op-eds ==

⬤ Panigrahi, Subhashish. ଓଡ଼ିଆ ଉଇକିପାଠାଗାରର ଆବଶ୍ୟକତା (Need for an
Odia-language Wikisource)
Samaja, 25 October 2015;

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