As part of T113210 [1], which is a broader discussion on track for the
developer summit, I am hosting an IRC office hour [2] this Thursday at
19:00 UTC.

Since shared hosting is a broad topic, this session will focus specifically
on brainstorming ways to reconnect with the shared hosting community.
Shared hosting mediawiki users are currently underrepresented in the
greater mediawiki community. We rarely run into them in phabricator, on
gerrit or on the mailing lists. Which means that people often have to think
on their behalf about their use cases and issues, instead of getting direct

There must be practical ways to bring those thousands of mediawiki users
back into the fold, so to speak. Hopefully we can come up with interesting
ideas to achieve that.

And if you happen to be a shared hosting user, by all means, please join
this IRC office hour :)

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