Dear Wikimaniacs, Thank you very much for all the many applications for the 
Scholarship committee for Wikimania 2016. We are happy to present the following 
committee members: * David Richfield (South Africa, languages: en, af, de-3, 
nl-2)* Dsvyas (India, languages: gu, en-4, hi-3)* Eugene Alvin Villar 
(Philippines, languages: tl, en)* GastelEtzwane (Switzerland, languages: fr, 
en, de-2)* Mel 23 (Argentina, languages: es, en-4)* Mardetanha (Iran, 
languages: fa, az, en-3, tr-2)* Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (USA, languages: 
en)* Ruslik0 (Russia, languages: ru, en-3)* Venus Lui (Hong Kong, languages: 
zh, zh-yue, en)* Federico Leva (Italy, languages: it, en-3, “Scholarships 
working group chair”)* Martin Rulsch (Germany, languages: de, en-3, es-2, 
“Scholarships working group deputy chair”) Assisted by:* one Wikimania 2017 
non-voting observer tbd* Ellie Young (WMF Conference Coordinator)* Sati Houston 
(WMF Staff) Additionally, around a dozen users offered their help with 
preparations of the scholarship applications, required translations, and 
communications as Scholarship ambassadors. We invite more people to volunteer. 
Please contact us on when you are interested in 
this function. We appreciate your help! Find more information on . 
Thanks,Federico Leva and Martin RulschWikimania 2016 team, scholarships subteam
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