Thanks Nicole! Very glad to see a further increase in the level of focus of
the Wikimedia Conference and in the streamlining of the planning process


On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 4:22 PM, Nicole Ebber <>

> Dear Wikimedia friends,
> Following Christian’s invitation, I will now provide you with
> information regarding program and next steps of the Wikimedia
> Conference. A more detailed version of this email can be found on
> Meta. Please use the talk pages for your questions and comments.[1]
> == One core theme: Movement Impact ==
> Wikimedia Conference 2016 will focus on the core theme of “Movement
> Impact”. All sessions and contributions will have to add to this
> theme. Throughout the conference, we will work together on the
> following core questions:
> How do we define common impact of the movement? What does impact mean
> on a global and on a local level?
> How do we measure impact? How can impact measurement help us to
> prioritize our actions?
> What programs have proven to be successful in terms of generating
> impact? How can they be replicated and how do we scale them up?
> How do other nonprofit organizations define and measure impact? What
> can we learn from them?
> Cornelius (Program and Engagement Coordinator, PEC) and I will work
> with the Program Advisors, the Thematic Ambassadors, the facilitators
> as well as the participants to create the conference program.
> == How to select the delegates ==
> WMCON is all about participation. To make the conference a success it
> will be essential for the invited affiliates to deliberately select
> their delegates. Participants should come to Berlin to learn and to
> share, but also to bring the information and learnings back home. We
> are seeking delegates who will be actively engaged before, during and
> after the conference and can represent their affiliates. Ideal
> delegates are those who are involved in the decision making processes
> in the organization, evaluation specialists, or program leaders.
> == Eligibility criteria and number of delegates ==
> To be eligible to attend WMCON16, affiliates must have shown signs of
> recent activity and be up-to-date on their reporting[2] by January 1.
> Moreover, affiliates need to have been officially recognized by the
> Wikimedia Foundation before December 1, 2015. An eligibility criteria
> overview will be published next week. Chapters and Thematic
> Organizations can send two delegates, or up to four, if they have paid
> staff; User Groups can send one delegate.
> == How to prepare for the registration ==
> Registration opens December 1 and closes on January 15. Please note
> that this is a sharp deadline. In the months between the registration
> and WMCON, the PEC will work with the registered participants on
> elaborating the program of the Wikimedia Conference. Because we want
> to build the program to fit participant needs and experiences, we
> would like to learn a little more about your interests in advance. We
> have published an overview of questions[3] that we will use in the
> registration form. Please make yourself familiar with these questions
> already, as they can also help you to select the delegates.
> == What’s next ==
> We will open the registration on December 1 and send out further
> information on logistical matters such as travel and accommodation
> booking. Daniela Gentner will be the main contact for all questions
> regarding the logistics, you can reach out to her via
> I am looking forward to welcoming many of you in Berlin in April next year.
> Nicole
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
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