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Hi all,

We are just a few weeks away from the launch of the December English 
fundraiser.  The end of the year is the most critical time of the year for 
Wikimedia’s fundraising: The goal this year is $25 million.  The campaign will 
launch in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland on Giving 
Tuesday <>, December 1st.

In these past months of preparation, we have relied on feedback from the 
volunteer community, readers, and staff through discussion pages, feedback 
sessions, phone calls, interviews, user testing, surveys and A/B tests.
Thank you to everyone for participating! It has truly been a helpful experience 
and wonderful to hear from so many voices from all different parts of the 

In just the last two weeks, an independent research firm conducted a new survey 
of Wikipedia readers. (You may remember that we did a similar survey last 
February.) We heard from you last spring that there were some additional 
concerns that you would like us to explore with readers.  We tried to look into 
those concerns in this survey. We have uploaded the survey report on Commons 
for anyone who is interested in reading it. We have also setup a section on the 
Fundraising Meta page 
to discuss the survey.

The feedback from readers, the volunteer community and staff has been critical 
to shape the campaign. Several improvements have been made so far as a direct 
result of this input.  We have changed a few specific sentences of the message 
that were discussed heavily on meta pages and also tried a variety of design 
ideas based on comments.

We also have some fresh banner ideas that came about through a recent workshop 
with staff.  We will be testing those new banner ideas in small runs throughout 
the campaign as well.  And we’re still gathering ideas! To see the latest 
version of the message and submit your ideas, please visit the fundraising 
ideas meta page 

Since last year, we have made improvements to our banner targeting and 
analytics systems with the goal of raising the budget, while limiting the 
number of banners and disruption for our readers. We aim to run the campaign 
for roughly two weeks at a high traffic level and then at a much reduced level 
for the rest of December.

The fundraising team faces a great challenge this year: the highest revenue 
target in WMF history along with a decline in page views – particularly in 
desktop pageviews where readers are more likely to donate. The team has and 
will continue to work hard to make improvements needed to reach this goal.
We cannot do this alone.  Thank you to everyone who has offered input, 
expertise, time and energy into helping make this fundraiser a success.

We look forward to your ideas and questions. Since the team experiences an 
incredibly high volume of seasonal work, we will not be able to respond 
immediately to questions or feedback.  We will review feedback and bug reports 
regularly and we have dedicated time to post an update by mid-December and 
again at the end of the campaign.  Here’s how to get


   To file a bug report or technical issue, please create a phabricator
   or email

   To see the latest news from the team, see the fundraising meta page

   To suggest a banner idea, visit the test ideas meta page

   To read the latest reader survey, see the
   report on commons

   To learn more about the fundraising program and last year’s campaign,
   see the 2014-15 fundraising report

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the campaign preparations.
More importantly, thank you to the entire Wikimedia community for building this 
incredible project that readers love and support with their donations.  None of 
this would be possible without you.



Megan Hernandez

Director of Online Fundraising
Wikimedia Foundation
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