At some point of time, the best you could do is to reach for a
superstition and hope it will work. It doesn't matter how it will be
explained after, but at this point of time, it's only that
superstition which matters.

My particular superstition is that Brane would be able to see his
eulogy and that we'll be able to laugh together. You know, it's a rare
opportunity to see how your eulogy would look like, so I hope I am
giving it to him.

An hour ago I heard that he is in critical condition. At first, I was
thinking what should I write after he dies. Then, I realized that I
should write it now and post it after. Then, it's come into my mind
that I should send it immediately as, at least, I could think about
reading with him this eulogy and your comments after he recovers.

Since August 2014 he is struggling with bone cancer. His curse is that
his body is so strong, that chemotherapy is not working yet.
Paradoxically, we hope that his body is weak enough now that it will
finally accept chemotherapy. Monday would be crucial day for him.

He is one of those "invisible" Wikimedians who actually contributed
significantly to our movement. Some of you, mostly those who visited
Belgrade, know him.

He is one of the founders of Wikimedia Serbia. It's a pity that he is
in this condition while WMRS is preparing to celebrate its 10th
anniversary. Here is our photo from the founding assembly [1].

Presently, he is a board member of Wikimedia Serbia.

His epic fight for copyright correctness on Serbian Wikipedia created
the foundations of the present day strict copyright rules. It's a
great achievement for a project of such size and it was possible just
because of him.

While he was active editor, he was highly trusted Wikipedian and he
was administrator, bureaucrat and checkuser on Serbian Wikipedia, as
well as on a number of of other projects in Serbian language.

Alpha software for transliteration between Cyrillic and Latin scripts
of Serbian language in MediaWiki was his work. That was the basis for
the future implementation. It was the first software of that kind
implemented in one web engine.

He is my close friend. Besides a lot of things which he did, which
will be mentioned at appropriate time, I want to say that many things
which I did wouldn't be possible without his contribution.

He is now very exhausted and he won't be able to read this today or
tomorrow. However, I am sure he will be able to read it on Monday,
after he recovers a bit. So, your support matters, no matter of my
superstitious reasons for sending this email.


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