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> I had a go at simplifying:
>> We know spending less time on this is a problem, but we're going to try to
>> do better. In order to help with this, we'll also be looking at what's
>> happened in previous years in order to see where things fell short then,
>> comparing that to what the FDC standards say should be happening. See also
>> link.

It's a better reading, though it is also true (as Lila stated) that
this has been publicly recognized as an issue for four years, and at
this moment the WMF is "looking" and asking for suggestions rather
than getting on with making obvious improvements immediately, beyond
tweaking the planning schedule.

Brandon's description of this looking like a 'kiss off', i.e. a spin
to make this disappear for another year, seems to meet the facts of
what can be observed and measured in a non-subjective way.

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