Thank you to everyone working on this.

Basel is a beautiful person, who contributed in so many ways to sharing
knowledge, not only in our community.

A banner (in rotation for a month?  with a focused drive on one day
coordinated w/ other activist groups?), and possibly a logo ribbon, would
be most appropriate.

Andrea writes:
> Also, remember: we have few days before we'll ask money again to all the 
> English-speaking
> How could we ask for money when we are not using the power that was bestowed
upon us by the very
> same spirit, love and courage that is condemning Bassel to death?

Very well said.

On Wed, Nov 25, 2015 at 2:57 AM, Asaf Bartov <> wrote:

> FYI: User:Odder has now created [[m:Free Bassel
> <>]], as a landing page to link
> from the banner.
> If anyone would like to help with a design for the banner (I concede not
> everyone shares my taste for 10pt-black-on-white text), we would be able to
> move ahead.  There is, so far, nothing but support.

Let's A/B test some of the images from the category of media of him on
Commons. I like the photoset with his wife, but there are others that have
been used on banners and pins before.

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