My initial, gut reaction to your suggestion was positive. I like that you
have thought of a way to make blog content more accessible to the public.

However, on reflection:
* The Planet Wikimedia blog predates the Wikimedia Foundation's blog by
some years, and is well populated by a variety of people blogging about
Wikipedia and the other projects.
* I run a blog that's almost entirely dedicated to Wikipedia, as do many
other individuals (off the top of my head, Gerard Meijssen is one, Erik
Zachte, etc.)
* Many affliliated organizations (such as the Wiki Education Foundation,
Wiki Med Foundation, and various chapters) have their own
Wikipedia-oriented blogs as well.

I believe (as others have said) the primary result of your proposal is that
it would make the official Wikimedia blog more discoverable; but that
increase would come at the expense of community-driven efforts. On that
basis, I can't support it. I think the results people get typing queries
like "Wikipedia blog" into search engines are adequate. The Wikimedia blog
already has the top (blog) spot on that specific query. I don't see any
compelling reason to further increase its SEO performance at the expense of
other Wikipedia-oriented blogs.

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