Hi everyone,

The Community Tech team's Wishlist Survey is now open for voting; come on
over and upvote your favorites. We're looking for the most important
features and fixes that our team can work on to help the core contributors
on Wikimedia projects.


We've got more than 100 proposals to choose from, organized on
easy-to-browse category pages. As a taster, some of the contenders include:

* Improve diff compare screen
* Migrate dead links to the Wayback Machine
* Enhanced per-user, per-article blocking
* Cite : Share : Export tools
* Improve SVG rendering
* Cross-wiki watchlists
* Pageview Stats tool

And if anything on that list makes you excited, outraged or -- well,
honestly, any reaction besides a blank stare -- then you need to come and
vote for the ideas you like best. Once the voting is over, the prioritized
list becomes the Community Tech's backlog of projects to investigate and

We'll be posting invites to as many village pumps as we can find tomorrow,
to make sure that everyone has the chance to vote. All of the voting pages
are marked for translation, and we would welcome any volunteers to help
translate a proposal into a language of their choice.

Thanks for checking it out; I'm looking forward to seeing your votes.


Product Manager, WMF Community Tech

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