Thanks everyone who has commented to date!

It turns out that because Wikimania is quite early this year, the ASBS
process will need to run earlier than in previous years as well. After
discussions with James Hare and Laurentius, my fellow
ex-ASBS-2014-facilitators, I would like to tentatively propose the
following timeline:

*Dec 30th 2015* - Deadline for comments on 2016 process*If need be*, first
week of January for a straw poll of affiliates if necessary on any
outstanding issue*By end of January*, adoption of revised resolution and
selection of election facilitators*Sat 13 Feb 2016* - Opening of
19 Mar 2016* - Closing of Nominations*Sun 3 April 2016* - Opening of Voting*If
need be*, possible discussion/presentation April 22-24 at Wikimedia
Conference*Sat 7th May* - Voting period ends. Announcement of result could
be more or less immediate unless there is some issue that holds things up.

Please do continue to discuss on Meta. :)


On Fri, Nov 27, 2015 at 12:57 PM, Chris Keating <>

> Hello,
> It is only a few months until someone will need to organise the 2016
> Affiliate Selected Board Seats process.
> Thinking about the process last time I have set up a discussion here:
> Comments are invited from everyone, including the WMF Board, affiliates
> and the community at large.
> Regards,
> Chris
> (writing in a personal capacity but informed by my role as one of the 2014
> selection facilitators)
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