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> hold it, back up the truck for a moment
> If the WMF has a fundraising team and a PR/media team why is it paying a
> third party to provide the banners surely someone should be able to design
> them in house, what about someone from the design teams working on other
> projects.   If no one has the skills to layout a banner why not ask the
> community for some options there are many skilled volunteers that would
> gladly do it for free, the WMF could even offer a scholarship to Wikimania
> as an incentive to get it done within a short time frame.
Graphic design is really one of those things better left to professionals.
Equally for a handful of banners going externally rather than employing
someone full time makes sense. Admittedly the WMF hasn't had the best of
luck with its external contractors (wikipedia forever, this) but in
principle it is a valid approach.

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