maybe the movement needs to get a few more Australians around events to
liven things up, as its never boring here... we'll even bring drop bears
<> and other furry creatures to keep
people on their toes  😁

On 8 December 2015 at 21:47, Anders Wennersten <>

> Do you imply boring is a bad thing?
> In a world more and more focusing on show and 10 seconds fame, I am proud
> and glad to be part of another type of society, where truth, reflection and
> serious discussions are at focus
> Donald Trump is one of the least boring people just now, but I would be
> seriously unhappy if our movement was dominated with Donald Trump clones
> Anders
> Den 2015-12-08 kl. 14:36, skrev Milos Rancic:
>> We are. It's not about particular thread on this list, it's about our
>> existence. Initially I thought it's because the level of our
>> responsibility, but eventually I've realized we are simply boring and
>> nobody bothers about that.
>> Our meetings and conferences look like the meetings of a regional branch
>> of
>> German Social Democratic Party at the best. In regular occasions they are
>> more like the meetings of a village cell of a communist party from an East
>> European country during the 80s.
>> This enormous distance between the value of our work and ideals and
>> presenting ourselves to *us* in the range between shiny snake oil
>> merchants
>> and demagogues nobody trusts is quite striking. (OK, there is one more
>> end,
>> thus making a triangle: highly specialized topics which require highly
>> specialized knowledge to participate.)
>> The distance is also quite striking because the most witty people I ever
>> met are from the Wikimedia movement itself.
>> It's endemic. From local Wikimedian meetings to Wikimania. The most
>> interesting part of such events is talking with other Wikimedians.
>> Listening talks, lectures and ceremonies is the worst option. Workshops
>> and
>> collective decision making are like gambling: it could be constructive,
>> but
>> it could also be not just wasting time but occult session with the only
>> one
>> goal: to drain the energy from the participants.
>> On average, I would rather spend two times more time talking with a
>> Wikimedian than listening her or his lecture or talk.
>> There are some straight forward techniques. For example, we could work on
>> making our talks much better. We could also ask HR professionals how to
>> make our live interaction better.
>> However, being boring is somehow quite deeply rooted inside of our
>> culture.
>> While trying to become "serious", we lost our ability to be playful.
>> Creativity is something we treat as the least important of our activities.
>> This is not something which could be fixed quickly. There is no a pill to
>> magically cure it. But we could start thinking about this as a problem and
>> start implementing various ideas to tackle it.
>> I wouldn't say that our revolution forbids us to dance. (Whenever somebody
>> from Bay Area is DJ-ing, we dance and it's beautiful, no matter how trashy
>> the music is.) But I am sure we can do better.
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