Bassel, a fellow Wikipedian has been sentenced to death. That was the news
in one of the press releases of Amnesty International. Many Wikipedians are
confused about what they can do to make a difference. Arguably the biggest
difference we make is in what we do. We write in an encyclopaedia style in
Wikipedia, we collect data in Wikidata and we collect images in Commons. It
makes such a difference that we received the Erasmus Award for this.

At the award ceremony in a conversation with the first GLAM partner, the
Tropenmuseum, the idea was launched to ask GLAM's for their images about
Syria so that we can at least cover Syria properly. I learned from Richard
from what is now called "Wereldculturen" that they have a batch of 356
images waiting for upload.

The idea is to replicate this effort and we would like any and all GLAM
institution to check their collection and help us out. We can make a
difference for Syria, for Bassel and that is by what we do best. Make
information available, NPOV information because that is where Wikipedia can
make a difference.

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