SarahSV wrote:
>On Mon, Dec 28, 2015 at 5:45 PM, Pete Forsyth <>
>> With this action, eight Trustees with little accountability overruled
>> several hundred volunteers and another Trustee who literally earned the
>> most support votes of any Trustee in the organization's history.
>> Any explanation of the reasons should be commensurate, in my view, to
>>the points outlined above.
>James was elected by 1,857 people ​​and removed by eight.​ I hope an
>explanation is forthcoming very soon.

; Approved: Patricio Lorente, Alice Wiegand, Frieda Brioschi, Jimmy Wales,
Stu West, Jan-Bart de Vreede, Guy Kawasaki, Denny Vrandečić,

; Oppose: Dariusz Jemielniak, James Heilman

This is a somewhat interesting breakdown. I'm also paying close attention
to what James posted on this mailing list. In my mind, he's the person
likely able to speak most freely about this removal and probably is more
familiar with it than most. For now, he seems to have chosen not to say
very much. Others involved in the removal likely can't (or maybe won't)
say much more, which of course just leaves everyone else to speculate.


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