I'd like to comment on what Ryan has written about the responsibility of WMF to the 
community. Many of us aren't just anonymous editors of an encyclopedia - we also play a 
rather different role in the Wikimedia movement, spreading word about our goals and 
publicly raising awareness about Wikipedia. Usually, having a strong and capable 
Foundation behind our backs is an enormous advantage for many reasons and we are happy to 
be sharing the "Wikimedia" brand with it. In fact, I am so convinced of the 
importance of our movement that I voluntarily devote my whole free time working for it. 
For this reason, I am also extremely sensitive to actions which may harm the good name of 
the broader Wikimedia movement - such as, in this case, a lack of transparency in 
organizational governance, which opens doors to speculations. 
Vojtěch Dostál
Wikimedia Czech Republic
On Thu, Dec 31, 2015 at 9:02 AM, John Mark Vandenberg <jayvdb at gmail.com 
 Can the board please very clearly state whether this removal was for cause, > or not!? > If they'd like to. 
 But if not, no.  So people who keep demanding things,after what I personally believe between Jimmy's comment and 
others, we canput a lot (no, not all) of pieces to get ourselves.We edit a website.  This may surprise a lot of 
people, but that entitlesyou to nothing outside of that domain.  It doesn't get you a discount atMcDonalds, it 
doesn't get you out of traffic violations and probably won'tget you your next job.  Yes - our position as 
volunteers is important (ifnot critical) to the Foundation and its overall message.  But the so 
called"community" needs to realize their boundaries.People who keep demanding such things (such as a 
detailed report of whathappened) are showi
ng a lack of knowledge on the non-profit board structure- and perhaps other 
things.  Just my two cents, since everybody else ispiling on in opposition.-- 
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