Ofcourse you wouldn't see it, but still, as this issue kept dragging
on, things came to light and most of us here do not agree at all with
the outcome...James was elected by the community, he was not another
random person the community did not trust or hear of before being
added to the board which actually includes 5 of the sitting BoT
members none of whom actually have any knowledge on the basic
fundamentals of the project so to fire someone who understands this
and has given all to the project is downright silly....Again, its
quite sad that they are dragging this on, it has been a few  days now
and we still have yet to get a clear answer and thus why all the
conspiracy theory is floating around...Surely James should not be
apologising for doing something right but as per my earlier comment,
he seems to be the 'scapegoat' for something much bigger...the main
question, What exactly did he do that he got fired?.

On 1/3/16, phili...@beaudette.me <phili...@beaudette.me> wrote:
> I don't believe that's "very clear" at all.  You yourself said "If what Ben
> said is true...."  I think it's very possible - to the extent that Ben
> cautioned against it himself - that this may be a misunderstanding.
> In my nearly seven years at the WMF I never once saw corruption of the sort
> you suggest. Not once. And I think it's safe to say I was well connected.
> --
> Philippe Beaudette
> philippe.beaude...@icloud.com

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