We should start talking about Something.

Something is the raising issue of our movement. Its properties are not
yet known, but all of us feel the consequences of Something.

To tackle the problem, we should define it, first. Yes, we know it's
called Something, but besides the name, we know just a little bit
more. So, I ask you to help me define Something. Crowdsourcing is the
term defined thanks to our movement and I am sure we are capable to do
so. All of us have a little piece of knowledge about Something and we
could compile those pieces to create a clear picture.

My knowledge about Something is very obscure. From occasional
discussions with some of WMF employees, I know that "Something is
wrong". I am quite serious about that. I got impression that employees
are not content with the Board decisions during the recent years.
However, I couldn't define quite well the matter of that discontent.

I am not able to understand what's the difference between the Time of
Something (ToS, not to be confused with TOS, Star Trek, The Original
Series) and the Time before Something (TbS, not to be confused with
tbs, ISO 639-3 code for Tanguat language).

I don't see any particular difference, except I think Board is not
making mistakes it made previously. (To be fair, it's not that big
achievement, as "mistakes" are not a final set.)

What I do see are the consequences of Something: Something creates
particular dynamics inside of the core of our movement and we feel the
consequences of that dynamics.

However, I am living in a countryside of Wikimedia movement, far away
from our capital, Bay Area. Thus, I admit I am not just not that well
informed, but I am also probably not that capable to understand the
basic concepts of Something.

But I am sure there are some of you capable to fathom the deep mystery
of Something.

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