Hi Stephen,

> If that isn't the case and staff
> are trying to communicate with the Board directly a lot, it is smoke
> pointing to a burning fire somewhere.

I seem to be missing something. Did I say anything contrary to that?

Hi Marc,

> Wouldn't that depend on whether the ED is acting at the behest of the
board or not?

Under most circumstances, I would consider turnover to be a subject of
concern primarily for HR (Boryana) and the ED (Lila). If there's an
undesirable increase in turnover (remember that some churn is normal,
especially in the first several months to a year of new management), I
would expect HR and the ED to be aware of it and to take steps to address
it. I would anticipate the Board being aware of this situation, but
ordinarily I wouldn't consider it to be a governance issue on the same
level as the removal of a board member, the transparency of board
deliberations, or the possible improper withholding of financial documents
from a board member. All of the latter three are items which I think could
reasonably be included in the scope of an external review.

That said, I've emailed Boryana to ask her for some statistics about
turnover and about whether there will be another employee survey. If
there's a lot of dissatisfaction among the staff, the reasons for that
dissatisfaction would be helpful to know. I hesitate to say that this is a
Board-level issue unless there is evidence that shows dissatisfaction *and*
links that dissatisfaction to the Board. Generally I would expect HR and ED
to have turnover on their radar and to address it with little need for
involvement from the Board. On the other hand, if the ED is part of the
problem (I hope not), then I would expect the Board to address that.
Generally I would treat the subject of turnover as a management issue
rather than a Board-level governance issue, although I concede the
possibility that evidence might emerge that does elevate turnover to a
Board-level issue.

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