Dear Board,

I'm deeply grateful that the past, current and new members of the Board
have dedicated the 10 hours/week and more to our cause, and both as people
and Board functionaries I wish them the best and much success in their

However, the Board as an entity which has energetically lost the trust of
both its own staff and that of the broader community who cares about such
issues does, in my opinion, owe us all a better backstory for these latest
appointees.  I would love to hear more about the humanist and visionary
bubbles left in their wake, for example a loving and vibrant workplace
environment crafted by Arnnon, a scheme to charge no tuition at the
Montessori school devised by Kelly...  I do believe that these stories must
lay deeper beneath the surface of these two, who appear from their CVs to
be rich, likeable personalities with impeccable, traditional business
management skills.  The Board owes it to Kelly and Arnnon, if no one else,
to set them up for success by sharing the mission-aligned personal history
which makes them desirable appointments to our unique organization.

Perhaps you could request new Board members to write a personal statment,
of their vision and the goals they intend to pursue during their time on
the Board.

Adam Wight
Fundraising Tech "the sheepdog" Lead
Wikimedia Foundation

On Tue, Jan 5, 2016 at 5:01 PM, Dariusz Jemielniak <>

> Dear all,
> As Chair of the Wikimedia Foundation Board Governance Committee, I am happy
> to introduce the two newest members of our Board of Trustees: Kelly Battles
> and Arnnon Geshuri.
> Kelly and Arnnon bring deep expertise in strategy and financial oversight,
> and diversity and organizational development, and a passionate commitment
> to advancing Wikimedia’s vision for the world. You can learn more about
> them in the blog post here:
> and their biographies have been added to the Board of Trustees page, here
> Over the past several weeks, the Board considered many qualified candidates
> from around the globe. We were looking for people with experience in
> strategic and organizational development to help guide the Wikimedia
> Foundation’s future. We were also looking for people with a sense of
> empathy and cultural awareness, who would value and strengthen the unique
> culture of our diverse, global movement.
> We are excited to announce that with Kelly and Arnnon, we have found
> exceptional new Trustees who have these qualities, as well as many more.
> They were approved unanimously by the Wikimedia Foundation Board of
> Trustees. Both terms are effective Jan 1, 2016 and will last for two years.
> We look forward to working with them on the Board and toward our mission.
> Please join me in welcoming them.
> Dariusz
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