I think this is a question for Patricio or Lila:

At the November 2015 Metrics & Activities meeting, Lila presented[1] a
slide outlining the new Strategic Planning process.[2]

Amid general comments about how inclusive the process would be, that slide
indicates that the draft briefly introduced at that meeting was to be
finalized in December 2015, approved by the Board in January 2016, and
presented publicly in May 2016.

Can you confirm if that is actually the process underway? Are you on

Can you address (in this venue) whether a plan that is developed in
November and December by (at least some) staff, and presented publicly the
following May, can truly be more inclusive than the 2010 plan -- which
engaged 1,000 people, and took a year to complete, on an open wiki?


[1] At about 20 minutes in:
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