2016-01-06 8:10 GMT+01:00 Lodewijk <lodew...@effeietsanders.org>:
> [...] But in the mean time, I'd like
> to do it myself: Thank you Jan-Bart and Stu for all the time, energy and
> effort that you poured into our movement. I know that not all of us
> appreciate this as much as we perhaps should, and sometimes you may even
> have perceived us as hostile. I do sincerely hope that you had fun with us
> though, and I'm confident that you made a big dent in our impossible
> mission of sharing the sum of all knowledge with everyone.
> I hope to meet you again soon, at least in Italy at Wikimania, and I hope
> to see you around in our movement in many different ways.

Thank you Jan-Bart and Stu for all your contributions to the movement
over many years.


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