Wes Moran wrote:
>The Discovery team has begun six months of research and prototyping, with
>the goal of building better experiences to help people discover knowledge.
>You can learn more about the team’s work here

This blog post doesn't mention the Knight Foundation. So we already find
ourselves wondering whether the "Search and Discovery" (SAD) team's goals
are its own or that of people at the Knight Foundation.

>Our deliverables include:
>   - User testing and research on current user flows to understand the
>   search and discovery experience
>   - Creation and maintenance of a dashboard of core metrics to use in
>   product development
>   - Research on search relevancy and the possibility of integrating open
>   data sources
>   - Open discussion with the Wikimedia community of volunteer editors
>   - Creation of sample prototypes to showcase discovery possibilities
>The need to improve our search experience has long been recognized across
>the Wikimedia projects.  We need better ways to help everyone discover the
>most relevant, reliable information on Wikipedia and its sister projects.
>For example, while people can search within one project (like Wikipedia or
>Wikimedia Commons), they can’t easily search across the different

Yes. My frustration here is that nothing you're proposing will actually
address the real problems facing search. Do you think a "dashboard of core
metrics" is going to bring about inter-wiki search? If anything, over the
next six to eight months, the SAD team will be even more useless than
usual as it focuses on fulfilling obligations of a restricted grant.

It would be great to have a search engine that searches all wiki pages on
a local wiki. We haven't even reached that point yet. It would be great to
have a search engine that is aware of non-text content and can filter
media results. We're nowhere near that point yet. But in a few months,
maybe your team will have a better understanding of "user flows" and that
will help... something. I certainly won't be holding my breath.


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