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> ​[Pete]​
>  editorializing, very briefly for now:
> This answer is very bizarre. Characterizing the 2010 process as having been
> "outsourced" or not involving staff is wildly inaccurate
> ​....

​Quite.  The two people hired for that process (Eugene Eric Kim and myself)
had deep involvement with the Wikimedia community prior to being hired.  I
believe Lila was likely referring to the involvement of the Bridgespan
Group in the process, but I would hasten to point out that their
involvement was largely advisory, and deeply informed by the involvement of
the more than 1000 people who contributed to the development of the
2010-2015 plan.

I can only suspect that Lila's language here was imprecise - I don't think
that process could be legitimately thought of as "outsourced" in the common
usage of the word, nor do I believe that Lila thinks that.  I think she was
mostly operating on the fly and grabbed the wrong word.

But I've been wrong before. :-)

Philippe Beaudette

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