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> Me, editorializing, very briefly for now:
> This answer is very bizarre. Characterizing the 2010 process as having been
> "outsourced" or not involving staff is wildly inaccurate, as I'm sure
> anybody on staff (or on the Board -- such as the board member who was in
> attendance at that meeting) would know. And while it may be that more
> people answered specific questions used to inform the plan this time
> around, the kind of specific questions asked were worlds away from the kind
> of deep engagement encouraged in the 2010 process.

Perhaps, she means that the process was outsourced to the Bridgespan Group
and Blue Oxen Associates (Eugene's firm). It is mentioned on Strategy Wiki
under Process[1]. Eugene and Philippe were brought in to facilitate the
project which eventually led to Philippe joining WMF. Bridgespan conducted
interviews and developed a "guiding paper" that became the broad-strokes
for the plan itself, and eventually led to Barry and Jessie joining WMF.

As someone intimately involved in that last process, I can attest to it
being open but not necessarily community designed. The task force area and
the larger direction was decided by other parties involved.I am not sure if
the last plan was a resounding success either. Just see the deliverable and
how much was achieved - we went through a lot of changes and outright

Lastly, the concern about this new plan being designed in private is
something I share with the rest. The current situation with the staff and
the board, the high number of new employees, acrimony with the community,
along with the less than stellar performance of the last few years, any new
plan designed in private under those circumstances does not sound very


[1] https://strategy.wikimedia.org/wiki/Process#Phase_I:_Level-setting
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