thank you both. i enjoyed seeing jan-bart beeing the movements best man in
many situations. and i appreciated money talks and croissant with stu, who
was open to globalize the movement in a financial aspect while always
paying attention that it does not become FIFA. some videos from sunny haifa
and netherlands:
* stu, mr decentralization:
* jan-bart, mr 1 mio $$, and stu, mr 100 years:
* jan-bart, mr stroupwaffel:
* jan-bart, mr hiring sue gardner:


On Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 1:12 AM, Florence Devouard <>

> Thank you for this message Lodewijk !
> I would like to join the messages already posted to thank both Stu and
> Jan-Bart. I was on the board when we ask them to join us and I have no
> memory of ever regretting that decision ;)
> I wish you both the best !
> JB, can we expect to see you in Italy next summer ? I sure hope so...
> Anthere
>  Le 06/01/16 08:10, Lodewijk a écrit :
> While we have long discussions on this list about board composition, we
>> seem to almost ignore the fact that two long time veterans are leaving the
>> Wikimedia Foundation board, as scheduled. Jan-Bart de Vreede and Stu West
>> have been around longer than many regular editors nowadays, and I think
>> there are not many people who can recall the days that the board didn't
>> have them on it. I have never had the pleasure to serve on the board with
>> them, but a little thank-you from our community side, would seem in place.
>> Stu joined the board already in 2008 (filling Michael Davis' seat), and
>> has
>> been a solid power on the board's audit responsibilities (I believe he
>> chaired the audit committee for quite a while) and was a force behind the
>> accountability of movement affiliates. While we often strongly disagreed
>> on
>> affiliate issues, I appreciate the fact that he always remained
>> constructive and wanted to think about solutions rather than problems. He
>> served both as treasurer and vice chair.
>> Jan-Bart was on the board even longer, since early 2007, and I recall
>> already working with him through Kennisnet (a Dutch foundation for
>> education and IT) before that. Jan-Bart is one of those rare people who
>> went to ALL wikimania conferences, and can be easily recognised there with
>> his big smile. I can't remember a theme Jan-Bart didn't work on in the
>> past
>> years (Affiliates, HR, searching a new Executive Director) and he served
>> the board in many positions, including as chair.
>> I'm sure that the WMF communications staff and/or board has a nice
>> thankyou
>> coming up - with a more accurate description of the awesome work they did,
>> that I now made up from the top of my head. But in the mean time, I'd like
>> to do it myself: Thank you Jan-Bart and Stu for all the time, energy and
>> effort that you poured into our movement. I know that not all of us
>> appreciate this as much as we perhaps should, and sometimes you may even
>> have perceived us as hostile. I do sincerely hope that you had fun with us
>> though, and I'm confident that you made a big dent in our impossible
>> mission of sharing the sum of all knowledge with everyone.
>> I hope to meet you again soon, at least in Italy at Wikimania, and I hope
>> to see you around in our movement in many different ways.
>> Best,
>> Lodewijk
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