On Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 7:44 AM, Denny Vrandecic <dvrande...@wikimedia.org>

> I’ll tell you how I experienced it from my point of view: a few weeks ago,
> I had to turn to the Board in a confidential and important matter for me.
> And while writing my email, I felt that I probably should not write it as
> openly and frankly as I would desire; I was unconvinced that it would be
> held in confidence. I rewrote the mail because I had concerns about James'
> being on the Board, as I had lost my trust in him. This is, I think many
> will agree, not a healthy situation.
> At the next executive session I raised this issue to the whole Board -
> James included.

Denny, you seem to be acknowledging that you initiated Doc James's removal.
I think your email will strengthen calls for a review.

I'm troubled that the decision was rushed through, over the holidays with
James in Japan, because two board members who supported his removal were

The removal has caused a loss of trust in the board. Does this idea of a
"knowledge engine" have anything to do with it; was James denied access to
documents; and so on. People are completely perplexed at this point. How do
we fix this?

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