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> The English Wikipedia Signpost just published data from a recent staff
> survey that shows extraordinarily low confidence in senior WMF
> leadership;[1] and the WMF and Knight Foundations just published
> information about a restricted grant, which apparently signals a shift in
> strategy taking place behind closed doors.[2]
> As a Trustee, Doc James would surely have been aware of both issues, weeks
> or months ago. Various recent discussions suggest that he believed that
> both issues should be brought to the attention of the Wikimedia community.

Doc James James has just said[1] on Talk:Jimbo Wales,


Documents concerning long term strategy were not kept from me in the end.
Others were. And yes I was asked to keep the long term strategy documents
secret after suggesting they be made more widely known and discussed. I
have kept the documents secret.


This underscores Pete's point. James is still keeping those documents
secret -- even now that he has left the board.

So, dear Trustees, can *you* please walk the transparency walk, rather than
pulling up the drawbridge, and show the community the long-term strategy
documents that James was asked to keep – and still is keeping – secret, in
line with your wishes?

Or do we have to wait until the singularity arrives and machines tell us
because human beings don't have the *guts*?

Please present to the community a full and open account of

- the long-term strategy, including the Knowledge Engine,
- what underlies it,
- the related grant applications and grant agreements, and
- the discussions with industry partners that preceded this project?

Or are there any non-disclosure agreements with third parties that limit
what you can say in public? Then at least tell us that.

Lastly, do you have any idea what damage – hour by hour – you are doing to
this movement with your secrecy?

Please do not *dare* to speak of the Wikimedia Foundation's "transparency"
until you have demonstrated it.

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